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Custom Pin Badge - Branded Jewellery Pricing

The cost to have your logo skilfully hand made and or mass produced into for example unique enamel pins or custom plain metal lapel pin badges will vary and depends on a number of factors as stated below:

Firstly the quantity of badges you require, the size of the pin badge, material, metal thickness, metal finish, method of production, e.g. die struck, die cast, enamelled, off set printed, lost wax cast, CAD, laser cut, laser engraved, photo etched, etc.

To have a bespoke physical sample lapel pin badge or custom metal product made in any production method be it die struck, 3D die cast or photo etched a one off tooling and mould fee charge of £150 including materials and labour time is applicable. This cost is not charged for multiple orders over x50 products of the same design and £75 is deducted from the total cost of any official order if you decided to go ahead after approving the sample product.

Another element that can affect the price only for CAD and handmade precious metal lapel pin badges would be the complexity of your logos design in terms of detail and the amount of time we estimate the lapel pins will take to either hand make or rapid prototype using a wax printer. This depends mainly on the length of the cutting path when using CAD, the material being cut and the complexity of the design work involved for handmade metal pin badges.

When a badge design is best suited to being lost wax cast in order to mass-produce small or large quantities we will offer to either hand make a master proto type or supply you with a 3D CAD model design proof for inspection prior to manufacturing. A one off charge ranging from £120 - £200 will apply in order to design a 3D CAD model, a wax model and handcrafted master prototype made from sterling silver costs between £120 - £200. Once a 3D CAD design has been approved a sample of your jewellery can be handcrafted for approval prior to mass production if required. A silicone mould of your jewellery will be made for reproducing your pin badge design and casting into your desired precious or base metal alloys.

The cost for a standard size silicone mould is £60, this is not charged for on multiple badge orders over x50. Below you can view some branded product examples that range from cufflinks, tie pins, necklaces to key rings that show off the different types corporate logo jewellery that we can manufacturer by using an assortment of manufacturing techniques. No job is too small or large; we have the capabilities to produce a single custom lapel pin commission to thousands of custom pin badges.

brushed antique silver plated Apple cufflinks and network 3 pendant
aluminium Samsung keyring and silver Puma tie pin
branded silver plated Moto cufflinks and Silver Cadburys necklaces
silver plated Suzuki pendant and silver Lego logo necklace

Pin Badge, Bespoke Jewellery Example Pricing Chart

The example price guide below demonstrates what you would expect to pay for the following custom made company merchandise. Every logo is unique, therefore these prices should be used for guide line purposes only, your design may be lower or higher than the indicative prices stated.

Please contact Thomas Nayler to discuss your requirements in detail and obtain a competitive quote for your project:

WALT DISNEY CO 250 1.6mm silver plated brass coloured hard enamel with polished finish £2.5
HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT 90 1.6mm silver & gold plated brass various coloured hard enamel designs with polished finish £8
BREWERS DECORATING 800 2mm bronze Handcrafted 18k pure micro plating with polished finishes £40
REDBULL 500 per design 3mm stainless steel x2 etched & laser cut key ring designs £8
LUTON AIRPORT 100 pairs 1.5mm sterling silver hand made / cast cufflinks with a satin finish £40
APPLE 1000 pairs 1.5mm silver plated bronze hand made / cast cufflinks with brushed finish £5
SNOW SOFTWARE 700 1.6mm silver plated die stamped lapel pin with satin finish £3.50
NETWORK 3 2000 1.2mm silver plated die stamped pendant with chain £1.40
MOTOROLA 3000 pairs 1.2mm silver plated die stamped cufflinks with polished finish £1.80
CADBURYS 125 1.5mm sterling silver hand made name necklaces with chains £22
SAMSUNG 1500 1.5mm aluminium etched company logo with nickel key ring £2
PUMA 300 1mm sterling silver hand made tie pins with matt logo and polished pin £15
SUZUKI 5000 1.2mm silver plated die stamped pendant with chain £1
LEGO 500 1.3mm sterling silver handmade/cast name tags, chains & polished finish £10
EUROPEAN GOLDFIELDS 100 pairs 2mm sterling silver / gold plated G hand made / cast cufflinks with two tone brushed finish £60
SQUARE SPACE 500 pairs 1.8mm nickel die struck lacelock trainer tags with antique nickel £2
AVFC 1920 2mm solid brass die struck pin badges with antique gold plating £1.50
DEUTSCHE BANK 40 2mm thick brass die struck pin badges with silver plating £250 (min fee)
SKY BAR 100 2mm thick brass die struck pin badges with silver plating £2.80
SIZE? JD SPORTS 3000 3mm thick brass die struck pin badges with various plated finishes £1
NOKIA - ANDROID 15000 1.3mm thick nickle hard enamel with black nickle £0.80

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