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Bespoke Jewellery & Fine Jewellery Custom Made

Bespoke jewellery designs handmade from sterling silver and gold by goldsmith Thomas Nayler. Thomas designs and hand makes fine jewellery for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Bespoke Jewellery - Honeycomb

Thomas Nayler's bespoke jewellery collection featuring voluptuous, sculptural forms in rich, warm gold tones draws its inspiration from the age old craft of honey making. From the hives and bees to the striking geometry of the honeycomb these pieces buzz with intricate details and tactile surfaces. View more gold jewellery

bespoke designer honeycomb gold jewellery
bespoke gold bee jewellery
bespoke designer bee inspired jewellery
bespoke gold ring
bespoke designer cocktail rings
designer silver bracelet
olypic torch inspired pendant with honeycomb appearance
bespoke geometric necklace

Fine Bridal Jewellery

As a designer jeweller that specialises in bespoke jewellery Thomas often gets asked to design and hand make unique matching wedding rings and one off engagement rings. Anything is possible, please get in touch with your enquiries. View our modern bridal jewellery

bespoke matching wedding rings
bespoke engagement ring
personalised wedding rings
matching wedding rings
bespoke designer engagement ring
bespoke engagement ring design

Bespoke Jewellery - Pendants

Here we show some nice sample jewellery products that we have handcrafted for individual consumers from silver and golds. Bespoke commissions are always undertaken and we can mass produce any jewellery design that you desire. View all of our bespoke design pendants

bespoke gold cube pendant with black pearl encased
pendant close up photo
bespoke cloud necklace with gold lightning strike
bespoke 18k gold designer lucky bean pendant

Contemporary Fine Jewellery - Abyss Collection

Nayler's exciting fine jewellery collection draws it's inspiration from the dark abyssal planes of the ocean. Each unique piece influenced by oceanic realetd elements ranging from the natural fluidity of waves and vortices to man - made port holes and deep sea creatures.

The abyss plays an integral part in the detail of some designs enhanced with black ruthenium plating and black pearls. Each product is highlighted with brighly coloured blue, green and white gems to complement the theme, from topaz, peridot, sapphire, precious zircon and SI quality diamonds. View more black fine jewellery

modern jewellery design at it's best
black designer jerwellery
black designer pendant with black pearl and blue gems
modern black drop earrings with diamonds and precious zircons
bespoke nautical jewellery
designer porthole nautical jewellery
bespoke anchor and ships wheel pendant with diamond and two tone silver, gold
bespoke pave set cocktail rings

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