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Custom Enamel Pin Badges & Soft Enamel Lapel pins

Luxury custom enamel pin badges and custom soft enamel lapel pins customised with pantone matching coloured enamel to suit your branding. We are the trade supplier of bespoke enamel badges to schools, charities, corporate companies and global brands. To purchase bespoke enamel badges enamel lapel pins please visit our online shop or contact us for a bespoke enamel badge quote.

Enamel Pin Badges - Android By Google For Nokia

We manufactured these high quality custom enamel badges using hard enamel for all unique Android designs below. The custom enamel pins were made using pantone matching coloured enamel to represent different skin tones and Nokias marketing tactic of "connecting people". The Android enamel pins featured a Nokia 3310 mobile phone for promotional branding at the World Mobile Congress show. Nokia lauched several new smart phones including the well speculated re make of the popular retro Nokia 3310 at the mobile show in Barcelona. Each Nokia new device will use the latest Android 7 Nougat software and include Google Assistant.

Google Android Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Badges - Filippo Berio

Fabulous custom enamel pins crafted with olive green hard enamel and shiny gold plated foliage for a distinctive stand out 40th anniversary badge design.

recognition enamel badges

Custom Enamel Pins - Ford

We were privileged to manufacturer these wholesale enamel pin badges for the UK motor company Ford. Inside Track who are owned by DHL represent Fords marketing and logistics needed a reliable badge company to deliver a quality product at short notice. The badges were used to promote new vehicles.

Ford custom enamel pins

Custom Enamel Badges - House of Commons Shop

We are honored to have been given the task to manufacturer batches of these custom enamel badges for the Houses Of Parliament which in turn were used as corporoate merchandise within the House Of Commons Shops. The animal characters that were custom made from gold plated brass metal and colour coordinating hard enamel were the griffin and unicorn, the owl was silver plated to suit. We also made some die struck gold plated tie pins and handmade sterling silver lapel pin badges.

custom made Griffin enamel badges

Bespoke Enamel Badges - Marvel

Our pals at Warner Bros commissioned these gorgeous custom enamel pins as props for there new Marvel film.

custom enamel pins for film props

Enamel Badges - Walt Disney

We are honoured to have worked with the worlds famous Walt Disney Co on their EMEA corporate product promotion to manufacturer these intricate branded enamel badges which incorporated a two tone blue hard enamel globe, black enamel border, grey enamel Mickey Mouse and ribbon with shiny silver plated quality durable bronze base metal for the text and detail.

View our corporate client feedback here.

Walt Disney enamel badges
customised enamel badges
Walt Disney badge design

Custom Enamel Pin Badges - Stone Island

We custom made these bespoke enamel badges with the Canadian flag and the branded compass logo for a Stone Island promotional tour.

stone island enamel pin badges

Custom Enamel Pins - Clarks

We were proud to have worked with the prestigeous English shoe makers Clarks to produce some classy looking custom enamel pins, the polished gold plating contrasted really well with the dark trade mark green of Clarks branding and vibrant enamel petal design.

customised enamel badges custom made for Clarks
Clarks shoes

Enamel Badges - Betfred Snooker Championship

Custom enamel pin badges customised with Betfred sponsorship for all snooker players to wear on live TV to commemorate 40 years of world snooker played at the crucible.

custom hard enamel badges with branding

Magnetic Logo Badges - Swarovski

Branded magnetic enamel pin badges custom made for Swarovski in contrasting silver and gold plated solid metal with hard enamel.

custom hard enamel badges with branding

Magnetic Enamel Badges - Facebook

These custom enamel badges were customised to market Facebooks new plans and future developements. The enamel badges were made with magnets, vibrant colours and distinctive shapes to promote Facebook pages, groups and events held at the communities summit.

Bespoke enamel suit badges customised for the Facebook community summit 2018. label

Branded Badges - Princes Foundation

These classy stylised branded pin badges were custom made exclusively for the Princes Foundation with burgundy enamel and solid gold plated metal.

Bespoke enamel pins made exclusively for the princes foundation

Personalised Enamel Pins - Martini Racing

These striking enamel pins were personalised for a Martini racing event in 2019. We used a combination of off set printed text and hard enamel to fit everything into a compact well laid out design.

personalised enamel pins for Martini

Charity Badges - BHF

Intricate enamel heart badges made for the british heart foundation charity to raise awareness for stem cell therapy.

Heart foundation enamel charity badges

Custom Car Badges - Morgan Motors

These high quality custom made car badges were made from chunky 4mm thick metal with a heavy duty 3M adhesive backing and white soft enamel infil. We design and make custom metal emblems for cars and custom auto badges of allsorts on demand.

Purina offset printed badges with epoxy resin coating

Customised Enamel Pins - Silverstone Car Race

These hard enamel badges were cut to shape and featured the Silverstone classic car racing logo. Two pin posts were fused to the reverse to make sure the badges could be worn perfectly straight.

custom enamel pins

Branded Enamel Pins - Love Scotch Festival

Custom enamel pin badges made with black hard enamel and finished in silver and gold plated metal. The lapel pins were used to promote Scotch at the Love Scotch festival.

love scotch heart enamel pins

Custom Shape Badges - RIBA London

Bespoke map badges custom made to an organic shape with hard enamel. The different coloured enamel represented the areas in Britain Riba architects designed buildings.

custom shape badges

Custom Enamel Pins - Rosie's Walk Book

Bespoke animal enamel badges custom made with black plated metal to look identical to the famous childrens book character Rosie the chicken. Sadly the author Pat hutchins passed away so these custom enamel pins were made in loving memory.

classic animal enamel pins

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins - Lemon Tree Trust

Both these soft enamel lapel pins and badges show how great soft enamel can look, giving a more sunken in shiny appearance when painted into the recessed areas of pin badges.

soft enamel lapel pins

Custom Football Badges - DT38 Foundation

We created these football club badges for the former Australian born West Ham United fooballer Dylan Tombides foundation. The pin badge designs were custom made to represent a shin pad and were used to give out to football players, managers and staff prior to the south London derby football match at West Hams stadium. We had the chance to photograph the West Ham united manager Slaven Bilic and Australian, Crystal Palace captain Mile Jedinak who is an ambassador for the foundation.

create a football club badge
 West Ham manager Slaven Bilic represenst the memorial day pitch side.
 Crystal Palace captain and ambassador of DT38 foundation Mile Jedinak

Corporate Enamel Badges - World Health Organisation

These bespoke corporate enamel badges were made with multi coloured hard enamel to promote the WHO campaign to end TB.

Luxury enamel badges
World heath organisation bespoke merchandise

Enamel Suit Pins - Nautisk

The branded compass enamel pin badge below was made for all Nautisk employees to wear at a tradeshow where they launced a new Navi Tab product. As you can see the pin badge was personalised with pantone matching coloured enamel to match their branding.

custom multi colour enamel suit pins
custom corporate enamel pin badge

Enamel Badge - Anthology

Elegant luxury black enamel and contrasting gold metal branded pin badges made to order.

Enamel Lapel Pins - Emoji

Cute and beautifully made black and white emoji enamel lapel pins mass produced for promotional purposes.

Bespoke enamel badge made to order with the Anthology company logo.
black and white emoji enamel lapel pins

Car show Badges - Concours D'Elegance & Salon Priv'e

These high end gold plated luxury enamel badges were made to order with striking red and classic royal blue hard enamel. Both badgee designs were made to promote these pretigeous classic car shows.

Luxury enamel badges made with the Salon Prive events logo.
Custom concours enamel badges
classic cars at Concoursevent
Sports cars at Salon prive

Enamel Pin Badges - North East Times

Classic grey enamel pin badges made from silver plated metal with a simple NET logo for the North East Times magazine.

NET enamel badges
North East Times

Interlocking Enamel Badges - Round Table Club

These interlocking enamel badges were designed to fit into each other like a puzzle when worn and at a size of only 20mm they were crammed pack with the smallest of details to create the elegant looking pin badges below.

custom interlocking masons enamel badges
custom round table enamel badges

Hard Enamel Badges - Rally

Large black nickle plated metal hard enamel badges produced for branded promotions at the road to greatness rally.

Black metal rally car hard enamel badges
road to greatness rally cars competition

Bespoke Enamel Pins - Broadley Speaking

Elegant enamel badges made with tonal coloured enamel to match this brands logo. Broadley Speaking takes care of all your new business development, telemarketing and telesales.

Branded Enamel pins
corporate company marketing strategies.

Branded Enamel Badges - M by Montcalm Hotels

These posh branded enamel badges were custom made for the luxury Montcalm hotel complex which is situated in the heart of Shorditch and is a unique addition to London's skyline with it's elegant structural detail.

Montcalm hotel branded enamel badges with silver and gold plated metal
Back view of badges showing brooch fixings
Montcalm hotel branding
Montcalm luxury hotel in Shoreditch

Metalic Enamel Badges - Rington Teas

These high quality branded enamel badges were made with pan tone 871 which is metallic enamel made with foil that creates a real gold look.

Ringtons is a pretigeous northern tea company that has a long established history of blending the finest teas in the UK. Ringtons has been delivering teas personally to your door since 1907 and this is where it all started with the use of horse and cart until present day where they use modern day VW vans.

Metallic gold coloured enamel badges to give a traditional look.
ringtones horse and cart
ringtons going through the years
ringtons modern day mode of transport

Magnetic Enamel Badges - Fresh Cosmetics

These large magnetic enamel badges were custom made for luxury skin care cosmetics brand Fresh ® which is sold in high end department stores such as Selfridges. They wanted their mosaic tile looking logo made into large magnetic enamel badges that seamlessly fitted into their branding.

Fresh enamel logo magnetic lapel pin badges with strong magnet
Fresh® skin care cosmetic company branding in Selfridges department store.
Fresh products.
Fresh face creme.

Round Enamel Badges - OM International & Ars Technica

Corporate companies OM international arts and Ars Technology both had their distinct coloured logos made into round hard enamel badges which looked fantastic.

OM custom gold plated metal and red and white enamel badges.
ARS custom corporate enamel pin badges made with orange and white enamel.

Prommotional Enamel Badges - Manuli

Both these hard enamel badges were gold plated and used to promote the machinery this business has to offer

Manuli Hydraulics trade event
Custom made Enamel pin badges

Recognition Enamel Badges - World Transport Agency Ltd & Splash

Both these personalised enamel badge designs were made with light blue enamel and text. The W25 badge were made to celebrate the 25th aniversary of the World Transport Agency and the Splash badges were created for this well established events company.

Personalised enamel badges custom made for the World Transport Agency Ltd .
Bespoke enamel badges made for Splash events agency.

Quality Enamel Badges - Isle Of Harris Distillers

High end quality enamel badges custom made to replicate this Isle Of Harris Disillers logos colour ways including stunning polished metal flecks.

Harris distillers quality enamel badges
company distillery

Magnetic Enamel Pins- Tetra

These zesty yellow enamel pins were custom made with company branding and a strong magnet for a versatile badge.

tetra enamel magnetic lapel pins
tetra brnaded company products

Bespoke Enamel Pin Badges - Lilly & A Lore Burne

These hard enamel pin badges show how bespoke designs can be cut to any shape desired with different levels of detail added.

custom round enamel badges
Hospitality Experts key marketing areas.

Bespoke Round Enamel Pins - Moon & Tiled

Elegant enamel pins made with distinctive divisions of shapes. The moon shape enamel badge is plated with polished copper and the black geometric tiled badge is silver plated.

custom copper enamel badges
cutom black and silver enamel pins

Personalised Enamel Badges - Hospitality Experts

Leading professional marketing agency 'Hospitality Experts' had their logo manufactured into stunning round hard enamel silver plated metal badges for a marketing event.

personalised enamel badge
Hospitality Experts key marketing areas.

Oval Enamel Badges - Nothern Lighthouses & Golf Club

These oval shaped enamel badges were manufactured in blue enamels for commissioners of Northern Lighthousesand Hazlemere golf club. The golfer was recessed with a frosted finish annd silver plated and the tet waas gold plated for a two tone finish.

Custom enamel pin badges made for Northern Lighthouses.
Customised enamel badges made to order for golf club.

Branded Enamel Badges - Not Just A Label & Patton Air

Hash tag enamel badges were manufactured with black enamel and two pins for balance to stop the badge from tilting. The Patton Air line badges were cut to shape.

Not just a label badges
Bespoke branded enamel badges made for Patton Air airline.

Printed Enamel Pin Badge - The RS Surtees Society

These gold plated metal enamel badges were custom made by printing this company image directly onto the enamel then a clear epoxy resin dome was applied to seal the surface to avoid the print from rubbing off. RS Surgees wrote novels based on his passion for foxhunting, reader link

“It was the Golden Age of foxhunting and the English sporting gentleman was in his vital prime. Robert Smith Surtees, just such a man, became the chronicler of his times…” Quote taken from: www.rssurtees.com

You can view other examples of our printed enamel badges here.

Custom screen printed enamel pin badges with epoxy resin coating.
simon heavyside artwork print

Cool Enamel Lapel Badges- A Logo & Pheasant

Jet black round enamel lapel badge with a striking silver A logo centralised. This pheasant illustration was custom made into stunning lapels and shows off how we can use many colours in one piece of jewellery to great effect.

Simple bold enamel lapel badge
Intricate multi coloured enamel peacock badges.

Enamel Badges - Angel Libre, SOS Security

Below we have illustrated two contrasting enamel badge designs. The bespoke shape hot air ballon badge shows off an exciting array of coloured enamel and precise detailed elements that can be achieved. The standard round security badge is a simple, bold minamalist design that is tried and tested and always works well. Custom shaped pin badges are always made to offer you a unique badge design everytime.

custom multi colour enamel badge of a hot air balloon
custom corporate security enamel pins

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