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Handmade Jewellery & Custom Engraved Gifts

Handmade jewellery custom made with your company logo or unique designs. Custom gifts can also be engraved, handmade pin badges make great corporate gifts for clients or custom promotional products.

Bespoke Silver Pin Badges - Intel ®

Finest quality bespoke pin badges handmade from sterling silver as branded gifts exclusively for Intel ® the worlds number one manufacturer and inventor of quality PC processors.

Handmade silver pin badges for Intel
Intel PC chips

Bespoke Silver Badges - BT

These handmade lapel pins were made from sterling silver for BT to represent their efforts of uniting sports fans to take part in a greener world. British former racing cyclist champion Sir Bradley Wiggins leads the race for going 100%.

Handmade lapel pins for British Telecom
BT sponsor Sir Bradley Wiggins

Bespoke Bronze Badges - Motorline

These bepsoke badges were handmade from solid bronze for Motorline, a large UK corporate car dealership.

Handmade bespoke bronze pin badges for Motorline
Motorline car dealership

Custom Logo Necklace - Lick The Spoon

We handmade these quality rose gold name necklaces for the award winning chocolatiers Lick The Spoon by using their luxury branded logo. The necklaces were used as custom company gifts for their employees to wear to enhance the brands identity.

custom name tag logo necklace in rose gold

Handmade Lapel Pin Badges - Stryker Corporation

Every year we hand make these pin badges from silver and engrave the year for Stryker, the market leaders within the medications industry. The lapel pin badges are used as luxury gifts and awarded to each staff member that reaches their end of year targets.

handmade sterling silver lapel pin badges

Bespoke Name Necklace - 888 Sport

888 Sport needed a one off branded logo name necklace to be handmade for there photo shoot.

logo name necklace

Handmade Silver Badge - Kwick Fit

Kwick Fit wanted a one off sterling silver pin badge hand made to gift to the lady within the company who promoted with effort the brands new moto "We Care" helping peolpe to be mindful of their tyre condition.

handmade sterling silver pin badge
Kwick Fit branding

Silver Logo Necklace - Shoot Gardening

Going green! We handmade this bespoke branded silver name necklace for Shoot garden center founder Nicola Gammon, a plush gardening organisation that was built from scratch.

personalized logo name tag handmade from silver
logo name tag close up

Gold Necklace - Stylist Magazine

We handmade a luxury gold name necklace for a Stylist magazine fashion shoot that was all about Denim.

personalized gold plated name tag necklace

Personalised Necklace - Fearne Cotton

We were commisioned to hand make a modern graffiti style name necklace for radio, TV presenter Fearne Cotton.

Silver Logo Necklace - NDUBZ

This sterling silver necklace was handmade for a member of the NDUBZ group by using their own logo.

personalized silver name tag handmade for Fearne Cotton
personalized silver name tag handmade for NDUBZ

Silver Logo Dog Tag Pendants - Stanton Warriors

We handcrafted two dogtags, one with a embossed logo the other with a hollow cut out for the Stanton Warriors. The established English DJ's and production duo consist of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley.

custom silver dogtags handmade for DJs and marketing events

Bespoke Logo Dog Tag Pendant - Music On

This unique two-tone silver and black plated dogtag pendant was handmade with the Music On logo. Music On is a record label created by artist & dj Marco Carola, they are at the forefront of the Ibiza dance scene creating cutting edge sounds for events worldwide.

custom logo dogtag pendant handmade for branded record label Music On

Custom Handmade Hat Pins - Seanna

The stewardess for the yot Seanna wanted some handmade silver lapel pins to attach to their hats at the 2012 Olympics. This is how the lapel pin designs developed.

bespoke hat pin handmade from silver for the 2012 Olympics

Bespoke Double Finger Ring - TK maxx

TK maxx commisioned us to make a large gold plated double finger ring for their summer TV advertising campaign.

Hey Thomas,

Great job, thanks so much for all your work on this, Gold plating looks fab!

Kindest regards
Rachel Davis - Freelance stylist - TK maxx

personalised jewellery handmade for advertising campaigns and promotional gifts
gold plated double finger ring

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