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3D Metal Pin Badges & Bespoke Merchandise

3D badges and bespoke custom logo merchandise is on the up so we decided to dedicate a product category to showcase examples of previous promotional products corporate companies have had custom made.

Bespoke 3D Olive Picks - Italicus

Italicus is a new high end Italian drinks brand where their spirit is infused with bergamot fruit. The drink will be stocked in upmarket bars where it will be served with olives on these branded picks.

Unique corporate merchandise

Bespoke Branded 3D Pins - The Fat Duck

Bespoke badges made to replicate the Heston Blumenthal logo. Each member of staff at the michelin star Fat Duck restaurant will be sporting one of these classy works of art.

custom gold lapel pins with 3D detail

Bespoke 3d Monogram Badges - Dewars

This is a great example of how a company logo can be made directly into a bespoke badge. By adding bevelled edges to the top creates a 3D look that stands out whilst keeping the back flat for practical wearing and presnting neatly onto these personalised backing cards.

drinks company promotional lapel pins

Bespoke Pin Badges - Conservative Party

These cute little branded 3D bradges were made to represent the conservative party branding. The silver and gold plated badges were to be given out at the spring party forum 2018 to raise awareness.

corporate company pins

Queens 90th Birthday Badges - Mail On Sunday

To celebrate her majesty's big birthday the Mail on Sunday commissioned us to manufacture a large volumn of gold electroplated brooches on branded backing cards. All readers of the newspaper would receive one of these majestic brooches to keep as memorabilia.

bespoke 3D royal brooch

3D AI Badges - Academy Of Robotics

These pin badge designs were made to symbolise a three dimentional robot. Each set of badges were finished in antique gold, antique silver and polished silver.

bespoke pin badges

Elegant Elephant Badges - Horton Works

Branded pin badges made to replicate this internet data company logo. The pin badge is half 3D and half 2D to create a balanced design which gets the message across.

bespoke pin production with 3D branded logo

Bespoke Cufflinks - Hartley Botanic

Bespoke cufflinks produced with custom made solid metal cuff link fixings to create a unique luxury product. 3D detailing petrudes from the flat surface on both the matching cufflinks and badges.

bespoke mens cufflinks and badge

Soft Enamel 3D Lapel badges - Perennial

Bespoke enamel badges made with striking contrasting reliefs. The only way to have a coloured badge with raised 3D branding is to apply soft enamel. Soft enamel is normally used to high light recessed elements of a design, however it equally looks great when painted onto larger surface areas, this creates a sunken look and adds a sense depth for further interest.

custom soft enamel lapel pins

Silver 3D Badge - Bespoke Design

This badge was created as a one off for a customer to give as a memorial gift. The badge came out so well that we had to feature it!

bespoke round silver 3d badge

Gold 3D Badges - Guiding star

These gold 3D electroplated metal badges were manufactured for the Downshire Guiding Star band to wear on their uniforms when parading the streets.

bespoke gold 3d badge

Crest Award brooches - St Johns College

These large personalised brooches were made with a 3D crest and raised text which resembles a medal style design. A deluxe safety pin brooch fixing was used to hold the weight and antique silver plating finished it off nicely.

personalised medal brooch

Custom 3D Pin Badge

This custom shaped bespoke badge was made with a raised branded symmetrical detail and matt silver silver plating.

customised three dimentional lapel pins

Custom 3D Jewellery - Cilex

Both these large 3D pieces of jewellery were customised with personalised text and soft enamel detail. The silver council member brooch has two components whislt the gold president pendant has two hidden loops on the reverse to attach a ribbon.

3D customised jewellery with soft enamel

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